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Pernod Ricard Winemakers is the wholly owned wine subsidiary of French wine and spirits producer Pernod Ricard, which is one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in the world. It arose from the Australian and New Zealand companies formerly known as Premium Wine Brands and Pernod Ricard Pacific, and was then extended to become Pernod Ricard's umbrella organisation for its wine operations in other countries. Amongst its large portfolio, its major wineries are Jacob's Creek from Australia, Campo Viejo from Spain, Kenwood Vineyards from the United States, and Brancott Estate from New Zealand.

Jodie mentioned, "Campo Viejo Tempranillo Rioja was absolutely terrible. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle or what happened!? It’s very bitter and very dry. It tastes like alcohol. It does smell good, but that’s about it. Very disappointed."


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SuperTed says

"I have had three bottles corked in three years, two were the cheap Crianza and weren't worth taking back but I got a bottle of Gran Reserva and it too was corked, the smell is bad, the taste makes you feel sick. I don't have a receipt as it's been in the wine rack for some time. I read that some people say Campo Viejo can taste bland, I'm sure it's because it's corked. The cork is cheap and I will never buy this wine again, it can be nice but one sip of this stench will put you off wine - I have never had any other wine manufacturers product taste bad. I can't find any bad reviews but I've asked friends and they too have had bad experiences, they just shrug their shoulders and say its expected (if you bought bad meat you'd soon complain) so clearly the problem is not being discussed, so I'm kicking it off!"

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